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Enjoy Spring Break While Maintaining Your Gain

Spring break is on the horizon. Trips are planned and “staycations” are certainly a feasible and economical option. Getting off track? Not an option. You see, I'm all for enjoying life which often encompasses enjoying our friends, family AND our favorite food; however, it doesn't have to include being side tracked or side-lined. You CAN literally have your cake and eat it too.

Often times, when breaks or vacations occur, it seems that some give themselves permission to get completely side-lined. Now, while your diet won't be (and shouldn't) be perfect while enjoying some well deserved down time, there's no reason to break your momentum. It's easy: simply exercise and/or indulge in moderation while enjoying your family and your vacation. Take a walk (or a trot or even a jog) with the kids after dinner and make it a family affair. Have the kids -- or the entire family for that matter -- bring their bikes and you run alongside to keep up or simply bike ride with them. Go bowling, skating, swimming, play tennis, volleyball or whatever...just stay active. Walking to wherever you go, if possible, is another excellent way to circumvent storing those additional ingested calories. You can also sneak away to the hotel gym for 30-60 minutes to get in some cardio one day, weights the next or a combination of both. The point is...keep moving and do something!

Last, and most importantly, control your eating. Again, enjoy scrumptious food and your favorite indulgences, but do so consciously, in control and with moderation. Isn't that the way we should be living our lives anyway? That's worth repeating: ENJOY! Enjoy your break, enjoy your family and enjoy your yummy chow, just don't overdo and don't make every single meal a "cheat meal". Have your cake and definitely eat it (in fact, share some with me! 😜), but still stay active, eat plenty of vegetables, drink lots of water and exercise moderation and self-control while indulging.

Happy, happy spring break!!!

Tamekia White

Total Fitness Control (TFC)

President/Competition Coach

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